So you’ve decided to pick up the reins and jump on board but what to wear?

Well we’d definitely recommend comfortable clothes you don’t mind getting a little dirty, any comfortable trousers will be fine but nothing baggy or made from a rough material (jeans are not recommended), leggings are a great option. This is to make sure you are not rubbed by any in-seams. As you continue your new hobby we recommend picking up some jodhpurs or breeches as you will certainly feel the difference, and these can be found quite cheaply nowadays.

When it comes to shoes then boots with a small heel are most suitable. This will mean that it is less likely that your foot will slip through the stirrup when you’re on the horse. If you continue to ride then it’s a good idea to think about buying your own riding boots (either jodhpur or long length) for your safety and comfort.

Gloves are also a good idea as they give a better grip on the reins and keep your fingers from getting any rubs. Gloves with a grippy palm and fingers, or leather gloves are most recommended. Anything too bulky, such as ski gloves, may stop you from being able to hold the reins properly.

What we can provide:

A riding hat is absolutely essential to protect your head from any injury and we have a wide range of sizes of hats which comply with up-to-date industry safety standards which you can borrow for no extra charge. We do still recommend that our riders purchase their own hats if they continue to ride so they can be most comfortable but please ensure that it complies with BHS hat safety standards as there are so many types on the market and not all meet this. For more information on riding hats we suggest taking a look at the BHS website.

Body protectors are essential for cross country but as also highly recommended for riders of all levels to give extra protection and even a feeling of security. Here at Wardhouse we do have a small range of body protectors to borrow but again it is recommended that riders buy their own.

Of course we also have both jumping and schooling whips for you to borrow to help back up your leg aids as your riding progresses.

We’re happy to answer any questions you may have about what you will need to bring and what you can borrow from us so please feel free to contact us on 01505 705125 to discuss further.